Spiritual Confusion

Yesterday I went to one of my friend’s place who was leaving Delhi (to go to Jaipur) to join his company on Monday. He has arranged a special lunch for us in the afternoon and we all reached there around 2pm. After relishing the delicious food made by our Aunty ji, we decided to go to Gurudwara Bangla Sahib in the evening.

We reached there by metro at around 6:30pm. Even though, I am a resident of Delhi, I was visiting the place for the very first time. Therefore, I was somewhat excited and was looking forward to visit the Gurudwara. All of my friends (whom I was going with) had visited the Gurudwara earlier also, so they were telling me that where to go for worship and for prasad.

Before visiting that place, I was in a good mood, but as I came back, I was searching for some answers desperately. I saw around 150-200 people there who came for worshipping and offer their prayers to god. I am a person, who likes to understand things on the basis of some good logic or some valid reasons. So when I came back, I sat beside my mother and asked her that why do people pray, to whom they are praying to and why they go to these places often…..?? She tried to explain me everything on the basis of her experience in life, but her answers didn’t satisfied me much, so I disturbed one of my good friend, asking her these questions, she explained her opinion saying that she prays to that power which has brought all lifeless things to life or transformed/evolved them to life. I somewhat took what all she said as she was substantiating it with some logic. But I wasn’t satisfied in total and probably I’ll never will.

I believed that there is a supreme power that is driving all the things in this world, which is present everywhere and make sure that everything should be in place. But sometimes, I am forced to doubt all this, as I think that everything is into our own hands, it is we who shape up our destiny, our faith is guided by our own actions and that is how it will be forever. This mindset of mine caused problems in my head when I visited the Gurudwara as I asked myself that “do God has any role to play in my destiny or not…?” and if not, why all these people have come……?? I sometimes believe that if all the things in this world are in proper place, no-one is facing any problem; no worries, no difficulties, an ideal world out there, probably people would not pray to God or God will lose out on its importance.


I just want to ask you some very common things, as to why you pray (I know there are other things than supplications), to whom you are praying to, it’s just the manifestations or something real, why people visit temples, shrines etc. (I am not against it, but asking this to clarify some things)……….??


One thing more, do you sometimes get frustrated when things don’t go as per your expectations in spite of your continuous prayers and all……??


I would be very much thankful, if you’ll share your honest opinion as I really want to get some clarifications.

P.S ~ All the facts and opinions were my personal, no offences to anyone 🙂



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