Spiritual Confusion

Yesterday I went to one of my friend’s place who was leaving Delhi (to go to Jaipur) to join his company on Monday. He has arranged a special lunch for us in the afternoon and we all reached there around 2pm. After relishing the delicious food made by our Aunty ji, we decided to go to Gurudwara Bangla Sahib in the evening.

We reached there by metro at around 6:30pm. Even though, I am a resident of Delhi, I was visiting the place for the very first time. Therefore, I was somewhat excited and was looking forward to visit the Gurudwara. All of my friends (whom I was going with) had visited the Gurudwara earlier also, so they were telling me that where to go for worship and for prasad.

Before visiting that place, I was in a good mood, but as I came back, I was searching for some answers desperately. I saw around 150-200 people there who came for worshipping and offer their prayers to god. I am a person, who likes to understand things on the basis of some good logic or some valid reasons. So when I came back, I sat beside my mother and asked her that why do people pray, to whom they are praying to and why they go to these places often…..?? She tried to explain me everything on the basis of her experience in life, but her answers didn’t satisfied me much, so I disturbed one of my good friend, asking her these questions, she explained her opinion saying that she prays to that power which has brought all lifeless things to life or transformed/evolved them to life. I somewhat took what all she said as she was substantiating it with some logic. But I wasn’t satisfied in total and probably I’ll never will.

I believed that there is a supreme power that is driving all the things in this world, which is present everywhere and make sure that everything should be in place. But sometimes, I am forced to doubt all this, as I think that everything is into our own hands, it is we who shape up our destiny, our faith is guided by our own actions and that is how it will be forever. This mindset of mine caused problems in my head when I visited the Gurudwara as I asked myself that “do God has any role to play in my destiny or not…?” and if not, why all these people have come……?? I sometimes believe that if all the things in this world are in proper place, no-one is facing any problem; no worries, no difficulties, an ideal world out there, probably people would not pray to God or God will lose out on its importance.


I just want to ask you some very common things, as to why you pray (I know there are other things than supplications), to whom you are praying to, it’s just the manifestations or something real, why people visit temples, shrines etc. (I am not against it, but asking this to clarify some things)……….??


One thing more, do you sometimes get frustrated when things don’t go as per your expectations in spite of your continuous prayers and all……??


I would be very much thankful, if you’ll share your honest opinion as I really want to get some clarifications.

P.S ~ All the facts and opinions were my personal, no offences to anyone 🙂



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19 thoughts on “Spiritual Confusion

  1. santhosh sivaraj says:

    good one akhil. well i believe people get logical when they become independent. they get more spiritual when they are dependent.well , it sounds deep but it is not if u give a second thought.and like everything this comment of mine itself is only a single reflection which i might itself not accept it tommorow. so turbulent is this topic . 🙂 , good one go ahead ahkil


  2. AKHILSETHI says:

    @Santosh ~ Thanks for appreciating and sharing ur opinion my friend. Yes, indeed this matter is subjective, different for different people, that's why i wrote a post on it and invited comments on it, to make it more clear and to know what we all think. As far as I am concerned, i believe in the power of Karma 🙂


  3. touchofperspective says:

    As Arthur Clarke said, "perhaps the purpose of humans on earth is not to worship God but to invent him". God is as real as the tooth fairy, ghosts, monsters,elves or orcs. However, whoever dismisses religion for that reason is missing it's point. The whole of modern navigation is based on the premise that the earth is divided by parallel lines. Astronomical coordinates for stars are given as if the earth is the centre of the universe. The point is, a wrong idea may be a useful tool. To quote Kurt Vonnegut Jr.,'a useful religion may be founded on lies'. That said, religion does have a lot of arguments against it. It is the single most divisive force on this planet. This is primarily because religion, by it's very nature, attracts people who are power-hungry. And power corrupts. Despite being an agnostic, I DO visit temples, churches, mosques, gurudwaras etc. because they tend to be places where you can do some contemplation on your own.


  4. Abhishek says:

    hey Akhil .. Briliant post bro… questions I have struggled a lot with ..throughout my life.. and this is topic on which i have very strong opinions so I hope i dnt rub to many people in the wrong way.. or mayb I hope I do :)..Some of us say they r Atheists but they pray eveyday, tat jus proves they r not athesists yet..I am joining this disscussion very late and this topic seems to have been discussed at length n breath..In my mind i have been through all these points when I was making up my mind on the exsistance of GOD. I have had numerous discussions wit my peers and frens..most of them heated.. (GOD is a very sensitive topic..as is religion..a lot of us still confuse the two..)the discussion has usually two directions it can take…spiritual and scientific…The scientific discussion says, like some1 here has already comented.. there are so many factors which had to b perfect in order to sustain life.. the exact distance the exact angle of inclination.etc. that it seems as if there is some1 or some "power" controling all this.. in fact the chances of life being present on any planet in this universe(please note I am saying this universe as multiple universe's are now proved to be in existance) is one in some hundred billion.. what we have to remember is that there are more than that some hundred billion planets in existance(again in this universe).. so actually the chances of life existing on earth becomes almost even.. NO power or nethin like that controlling life on earth jus the simple laws of mathematics… jus probability..the question why earth? can be answered by the question ..why not earth..According to me extra-terristrial life is not probable it is obvious… we have now by science become capable of creating life..by cloning.. we are now also capable of creating matter previously thought to be in the domain of "GOD" this done by CERN in the haladron collidor.. If you look at our past whenever there have been things that we could not understand or comprehend we named "GOD" there has a time when we humans used to atribute wind, sun, rain etc to "GOD" …now we know.. as we gradually understood more n more the list of phenomenons or deeds atributed to "GOD" is becoming smaller n smaller..The most brilliant scientist earth has seen post C=MC^2.. Mr. Hawkins has written a book called the "brief history of time" The book and another one called The Black Hole hve indeed changed my life as I knew it.. Mr. Hawkins tells you about this planet..and this universe.. the pages are filled with reasons why there is no reason for "GOD" to exist..why there is no need in the natural order of things for "GOD" to exist. do read these books.. these will give you a scientific explanation of a few previously considered spiritual questions..There is a documentary called "The String Theory" it was going around in the hostel when we were there..watch it if you can..very informative..


  5. Abhishek says:

    Now going to the Spiritual direction of this disscussion..what we have always been told by our society by book etc. that there is a purpose to every life.. there is a reason for your existance.. there is a reason why "GOD" choose to give us life.. there is a reason why you are alive.. and then we are told ..you have to find that reason in life.. most of us search for that reason all our lives.. wht I say is why does there have to be a reason for you to be alive… why do all of us have to have a pre-ordained purpose..when 99.99999% of us never even get close to fulfulling that purpose.. or atleast to our knowlegde we dont..why cant we respect life for wht it is … LIFE..EVOLUTION..I believe people believing in "GOD" has more to do with generations of social conditioning rather than nething else.. ever since a child is born..actually even before the child is bron..from the womb infact.. they are in an environment where "GOD" is prayed to is revered.. there have been exceptions but as you remember there is an exception to every rule..and that is wht proves the rule…all this social conditioning has resulted in a widespread belief in the useless entity called "GOD" I can see a lot of you flinching when I call "GOD" useless 🙂 but thats the truth according to me..there are hundreds and thousands of children born and bought-up in diffrent environments who do not believe in "GOD", Communists or rather true communists..not the psuedo-communists we have in India.. believe that the state is above everything even "GOD" .. ur belief is entirely due to this Conditionning.. A large number of people will not belive this but my purpose is not convincing ne1..yet..Now all this was about the con called "GOD" mainly propagated by the so called "holy men" ..BUT.. maybe it is better..for most people to believe in or have Faith in "GOD" ..it makes moral choices a lot simpler…my wife says her belief in "GOD" makes her moral choices easier to take..when you are down and out..with no1 around.. all alone… mayb it helps some people to handle things if they think some power is helping them..but ultimately it is them making decision and gettin out of situations..so why.do they need to give credit of decisions they took and actions they performed on "GOD"..I hate it when people perform and they give credit to "god" ..all these soilders ..all the cricketers..after their performance..they thank "god" for their actions earned through sweat and blood.. I have faith in the human intelligence to be able to make these choices without the blind belief in "GOD"..I believe the only one handling our lives is us..no freaking person else… I can end with a status msg i had on FB… "god and religion the greatest con in the history of mankind"


  6. Abhishek says:

    I jus had a discussion ..a few mins back with a colleague of min..she didnt live with her parents wen she was growing up..but instead she lived wit her very nice relatives..her comment was.."I thank god that i got such nice relatives" man I got so pissed.. such nice people..and you are giving their credit to god.. alsolute bull.. 🙂


  7. AKHILSETHI says:

    @touchofperspective a.k.a @K.U.AMUDHAN ~ Thank u very much for sharing your opinion my friend :-)Yes, I do agree my friend that may be God is our own manifestation and you also quoted Sir Arthur Clarke’s view on that. People do want that there should be someone with them when they are facing life’s big difficulties, so maybe this is the reason for God’s creation. Yes the places you visit can be used for contemplation of what’s happening in your life, but just want to ask that this contemplation can be done on home or may be at the terrace (from my own experience), or at a peaceful place, so why you need to go to these places…?? Just asking in curiousity…..!!!


  8. AKHILSETHI says:

    @Abhishek ~ First of all, thank u very much for appreciating my post abhishek, m glad u liked it bro….!!!Yes, I do agree that earlier people attributed God for almost everything, be it rain, be it fire, sun or be it air and maybe that’s the reason why we have different names of Gods for them. People used to worship them a lot and maybe they still used to do it. I just want to point out (& u also agree on that)….that because the advancement of science, now we have reason for each & everything and that’s why we are moving away from our own-made traditional beliefs which I pointed out earlier also. Yes, abhishek I’ll surely read “A brief history of time” and “The black hole” whenever I get time, thanks for suggesting it buddy.


  9. AKHILSETHI says:

    @Abhishek ~ I really liked your second comment regarding the spiritual way of answering to my blog-post. I also think that maybe there is a reason for our existence; maybe we are here for a particular purpose or a task to accomplish. You wrote that most of the people i.e. 99.9999% are never able to get close to fulfill their purpose, but my point is that these people are never able to know their reason/purpose (of their existence) all through their life & probably never will.Yes, I do agree people believe in God because of their Social conditioning i.e. from the very beginning they are told that to worship God is good and to visit these holy temples, shrines etc. are will erase all their sins. But I don’t agree with it.My opinion on that moral choice lies in this ~ See God is the manifestation of people itself and they assume it to be very strong and powerful, a body which can do anything, so when people face any difficulty or hardships they recall God and seek help from God, because of the fact that if they’ll think that this strong body is on their side, it will boost their confidence and make it easier for them to face these difficulties and after overcoming these difficulties they thank this (own-created) God. Probably, I think I have replied to your satisfaction.Regarding the reply that your colleague gave, I know it sometimes pisses people like us, but we have to respect their opinions and viewpoints, maybe she and her parents had prayed to God for her good life earlier and after all this, she is thanking God.


  10. K.U.Amudhan says:

    @akhilsethi : why do people visit the Taj Mahal or go to see the Mona Lisa, when beauty can be accessed from anywhere? It's the same reason why I go to places of worship – because they are places built expressly for the purpose of enabling contemplation and silence. ( I don't visit on festival/religious days, though. It spoils the atmosphere if it's too crowded.)


  11. Saurabh says:

    Bro, you seem to be very inquisitive. I think God is the simplest form of FAITH. I dont know what it is, yet it has a very sacred place in my life. I see God as my Conscience, which helps me see the black and the white side of my every decision. I do not pray in the usual sense of the word. I just have random conversations with my conscience….As far as your point of God loosing its importance if everything goes right… I would just like to mention that I have been stayin in Mumbai for last 2 years and I have seen super rich Gujjus here, everything seems to be going great for them. Yet God holds a very important place for them….Personally I respect all those who pray, but I dont think God wants us to depend on him to make things right when they are wrong. I think if we cant do it neither can he. God can act only through us…Thanks Akhil for writing this…. U made me gather my thoughts and make me realize what I believe in…


  12. Amit Bakshi says:

    hmmmmm..Faith in God…This faith is inculcated in me by my parents,right from my childhood when i was a free bird,an opinionless & a non-judgemental human being. But as i grew up, i tried to look for answers,i tried to form my own opinions and reasons.I live on the concept that one shd be a gud human being at heart. There wud be many definitions of a gud human being by many different pple but if i hv to suggest a definition, then a gud human bein is one who can feel other's suffering, give them a hand…one who doesnt think of anybody's harm, have a control on their mind & wants and wishes to make this world a better place to live in.We have heard, read & seen Gods life as described in our epics. God fits in the definition of a perfect/gud human being, that is why i worship n respect Him. God is like an ideal, the guiding light which guides us at every moment of our life.. :)I believe that ther's sumbody jiski vajah se ye duniya chal rhi hai,who has evolved evrythn, even me(as explained by the science student Chhavi)…i bow my existence to God…Anothr thing which makes my faith strong..In ur everyday life,there r sum signals, sum pleasant/lucky thngs which happen and u just feel…whoooooaaaaa,great man, hw is that possible?? I call them 'Magic'…these signals or magic is not sumthn like u studied n topped ur college or u didnt study n even then topped ur college…its bigger than that…these signals or indications makes me feel that Yes,He's around 🙂 🙂 But then ur mind must be boggling that why these gud thngs doesnt happen all the time, why dont we get all the pleasant thngs in life everytime bcz that wud make us loose faith on ourselves, we'll only pray n worship Him n wud not even make an effort towards making our life worthliving. This thing also takes us to ur point that if everythn was in perfect order,then nobody wud have worshipped God..Look it depends on individual to individual n their respective faith…I worship Him in both gud n bad times, i treat him as that perfect human being(which i described earlier), wish him on his bday, anniversary, ask for kindness in times of difficulties and thank him in times of happiness…At the end of the day, ur life depends on ur actions,God is just our guiding light,an ideal personality/human being 🙂


  13. Abhishek says:

    @Akhil..wht I am saying is when 99.9999% of people dnt understand wht we call the reason for their exsistance… then why does there have to b one… jus the stastistical proof shows us thet there is no reason for us to believe that there is a REASON for our lives… wht ever reason there is.. is wht we make..not wht is pre-destined..and you did not answer my q… as now u are sayin that we look at god jus as a confidence booster…nice.. I would rather think of my wife and get motivation from there ..not of some non-existant entity…god as a guiding light..ur moral compass is set mainly by your parents..and in some cases by individuals.. why look at god..it is social conditioning by which our moral boundaries are set..then why do we need to refer time and again to a "confidence booster" as u call it 🙂 whenever we have to make hard and difficult choices.. this is used by many many many people in this world as an excuse to do genocide…have mass murders.. it is when you make them answerable for their choices..and not give them a scrapegoat called god..that there is a chance for all the killing to stop..and this is not abt now..n in India.. god has been use as an excuse throughout the ages.. look up the holy-crusades.. tat will pale any murders we have had in India..A simple deal according to me.. is ..life is evolution.. for us to survive..as human-kind.. we need to stop beliving in some invisible n never appearing power and start believing in ourselves… that is the only way forward..


  14. AKHILSETHI says:

    @Abhishek ~ My point here is that sometimes people do believe that if they have come to this earth, there is a reason, maybe a small one like making all the near and dear ones happy, doing good for them always. I am in no way pointing that there should be a reason, it is subjective and i think we should not be arguing on this.Abhishek, i am not saying we look towards God as a confidence booster, it is "just the" manifestation of people that they think God is powerful/stronger enuf who can save them from any hardship/calamity. As far as i am concerned, i also never thinks like that.I agree with u on that God indeed is used as an excuse or a scapegoat for all wrong-doings and yes, we just need to believe in ourselves to do all big things and face big difficulties.


  15. AKHILSETHI says:

    @Saurabh ~ Thank u very much for appreciating it and sharing ur opinion my friend.Yes, like you people do connect God with their conscience and it helps them to think what’s right and what’s wrong and then take the correct path/decision. I respect your opinion.Regarding “super rich” Gujjus, maybe these people have all the materialistic things in life, but who knows probably they are not getting the love & affection from the near and dear ones or maybe they are praying or worshiping God because they want that nothing bad should happen in their life, all things should be fine and proper. Maybe all this for their selfish reasons. Saurabh just asking in curiosity have you have asked any of these “super rich” gujjus that why do they pray as in they have all the things in life which are making their life comfortable….????


  16. Nick says:

    Hey man long time. Seems like you have grown quite a lot since the time we last met. Do i believe in god. no. do i pray. yes. why because i am scared that if there is one my denial will get me in trouble. My luck most probably doesn't have anything to do with god. but maybe it does. The rituals are beyond me. morals are culture based rather than religion. We are a product of our surroundings. We do as we see. I pray cause i don't want my luck fucked any more.I don't mind going to hell. as a good man once said. I would go to heaven for the weather and hell for company. 🙂


  17. AKHILSETHI says:

    @Nick ~ Thank u very much for sharing your opinion bro…!!!Nikhil, if you are saying that your luck doesn't have anything to do with god, than why do you pray…?? Just asking out of curiosity, anyways thanks again 🙂


  18. AKHILSETHI says:

    @Amit Bakshi ~ Thank you very much for sharing your opinion my friend, better late than never :PI respect your opinion as you feel God’s image is like an image of good person/human being in your mind and that’s why you probably worship God. After reading your opinion, I just want to say that indeed this topic/matter is very subjective and should be left on person’s choice itself and you also would agree on that. Anyways, I liked your way of answering and substantiating it 🙂


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