Help Gulshan to fulfil his dream!

What happens when a small town boy come to a big town to earn a livelihood and fulfil his dream?

Yes, either he tries to earn a livelihood OR fulfil his dream. The point here is, it’s “OR”& not AND. It’s difficult to get both and that’s true for us also but when you think about the same for a person who hails from a small town, it’s even more difficult. Yes, it’s tough and such is life!

This is the story of Gulshan who came to Delhi from Himachal to earn his livelihood, support his old ailing father and his family back there and in the meanwhile yes, he had a dream of becoming a cricketer too.

He thought that Delhi would be his city of dreams like most of the us think be it for Delhi or Mumbai but what unfolded was something he didn’t expect at all.

With a basic college degree and not much experience, it became really difficult for him as well as his brother. They used to search for jobs day in and day out but without much luck. After many months of struggle, Gulshan did got a job however his brother didn’t. So, now, he has to sustain his living, his brother’s and even his family back their in the hills and that too from a meagre salary of INR 15,000 ($220) per month. Meanwhile, another tragedy happened, his father got a heart attack and required immediate medical attention. Though with the help of his friends and family, he somehow managed to provide the medical treatment and his father condition improved but his financial condition was still the same. At this point, Gulshan was on the verge of breakdown…he didn’t know what to do next where to find the support. He discussed his situation with his friends & family and somehow gathered his composure to think about his life. He then focussed on his work and started doing double-shifts and even triple-shifts (if that’s even a shift) in a day to cover up for his father’s ongoing treatment and to sustain his family’s livelihood. Things started to come on track however it was still difficult for him to do everything on his own and sustain that self-motivation to earn for his family.

As they say, nothing is constant, not even bad times, finally something good came up. He gave a state-level trial and got selected for it. To cut the big story short, he has to start the conditioning camp and play matches and for that he has to leave his current job for 3 months which would eventually mean … no salary at all for these 3 months starting mid-June ’18.

THIS is his LAST chance to become a professional cricketer and he has made up his mind to take this RISK. But for this, he needs YOUR support just to sustain his living for these 3 months when he’ll be at the camp and working hard for his selection at the professional level.  And I guess, THIS is your chance to become a part of his journey, to do something good, something which he’ll remember for his life.

Yes, there’s  MS Dhoni – he has become what he is now, but it was not without support from his friends or family. Now is the chance for us to do what his friends did in whatever way we can.

I know it’s not easy for us to shell out money but I can assure you if you do support in whatever way you can, YOU will definitely feel good when Gulshan will become a professional cricketer. YOU will be able to say to others that because of your support he’s where he’s now. Close your eyes and imaging the feeling.

So go ahead and contribute with whatever is possible. Be it monetary or be it with food/vegetables/fruits anything which can help him to sustain these 3 months. Just ONE more time, just the last time because he deserves your support for whatever hardships he has faced in life.

P.S: All the money as well as our WISHES collected from this will directly be shared with Gulshan and no-one else. That’s my promise!!

Gulshan’s account details:

A/c no.: 36112730842
IFSC: SBIN0006069
Branch: Ishwar Nagar, New Friends Colony

You can also PAYTM him on 8178705433

If you want to connect with him on Facebook, here’s his profile link
This is the league where he has been selected


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Surf it All! Surf it Fast!

Cricket is a force like no other in our country. It’s like a religion in India. People from all walks of life with different age groups just love the game. It tempts us to skip so many things, be it work, family get-togethers, force us to bunk tuition and sometimes even cancel a date. Don’t take me wrong, I have actually seen people postponing their dates and even rescheduling their wife’s shopping outing just because of the match.

Even famous Aussie journalist Peter Roebuck once said – “On a train from Shimla to Delhi, there was a halt in one of the stations. The train stopped by for few minutes as usual. Sachin was nearing century, batting on 98. The passengers, railway officials, everyone on the train waited for Sachin to complete the century. This Genius can stop time in India!!”

From this you would have got a feeling of how BIG Cricket is in India. 

I still remember the recent semi-final world cup match between Ind vs Aus on 26th Mar, Thursday. It was a usual day in our office but most of the people were in no mood to work that day because of that match. Australia batted first and scored 328 runs on the board. While India got a good start but they lost their way in between resulting in a disappointing heartbreaking loss. Here are few pics of our office staff while cheering the Indian team from the very start. Yes, it led to a decrease in our work efficiency but who cares if India is playing a crucial cricket match and that too in a world cup.

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This was during the office hours but there are times when you’re outside and want to catchup with the match but because of the low internet speeds, you just can’t and it builds up a kind of frustration. Recently I’ve downloaded UC web browser and was really surprised with its speed in loading videos and web-pages. You can Surf it All, Surf it Fast with UC Browser, it’s faster, easier to use with seamless transitions. It also features UC Cricket which is a space dedicated for every cricket fan, connecting them to the match wherever you are.

Do checkout this cool video featuring famous cricketer Yuvraj Singh. This video shows that slow browsing speeds and downloads are a real pain sometimes. And how Yuvraj Singh solves this problem for a fellow victim of slow browsing. #YuviSurfsUC

And if you want to know more about UC browser, do visit this web-site for more details. Android users can download the same from this page. If you want to join them on Facebook and Twitter, you can do it here and here respectively.

What’s fuss about DRS?

[tweetmeme source=”akhilsethi” only_single=false] These days we’ve been hearing a lot about DRS which is nothing but the Decision Review System. According to wikipedia, it is a new technology based system currently being used on an experimental basis in the sport of cricket. The system was first introduced in Test Cricket for the sole purpose of reviewing the controversial decisions made by the on-field umpires in the case of a batsman being dismissed or not.

Let’s come straight to the point – Why there is so much fuss about DRS these days?

Mainly because all the other test playing nations except India has welcomed it and is ready to make it a part of the judgement system. So, why does it matter too International Cricket Council (here-after ICC) as only one country (India) is opposing it? It is largely because of the consistent opposition by the world’s richest & powerful cricket board – Board of Control for Cricket in India (here-after BCCI).

What India wants?

BCCI or India wants the system to be totally error-free before it gets into the system. Even in the past, players like M.S Dhoni and Sachin Tendular have posed questions on the credibility of the system. Doni showed his anger during the world-cup match against England where Ian Bell was given not out when ball was clearly hitting the stumps. And, Tendulkar is saying that this system should include the hotspot and snicko to be full-proof.

India has also been under a lot of criticism from the Cricketing greats like Geoff Boycott and even from the current England player – Chris Tremlett. Even the ex-coach of Indian Cricket Team – Gary Kirsten praised the DRS system.

My opinion – I think India should not be too much rigid in adopting this technology when the other countries have taken a positive stance for it. Ultimately, it’s a thing that is helping to improve the umpiring decisions. The other technologies like hotspot & snicko are very expensive and there is a more likelihood that they will not be adopted in the countries like Zimbabwe or Bangladesh where their cricketing boards can’s afford. There is even more likelihood that BCCI will get isolated from other boards & will be criticized for the same.

What do you think? Does India’s stand against the DRS justified? Whether the other big test playing nations like Australia, England take a stand against India?

Additional information – Decision Review System guidelines from ICC


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