Political Party vs Party’s Leader vs Party’s Local Candidate


Currently we are in the midst of our country’s longest elections to constitute 16th Lok Sabha in India. Hereby sharing few interesting statistics about the same:

  • Roughly more than 800 million people are registered to vote this time which in itself is an increase of more than 100 million since the last elections in 2009
  • First time voters – over 23 million which is quite a good number
  • And, for the first time, voters will have a “None of the Above” (NOTA) option on the ballot papers and electronic voting machines. India is only the 12th country to use NOTA. (*Will you use it? 🙂 *)

The results of the same would be declared on 16th May 2014 but whatever be the results, I’m hoping for a better India. An India which is corruption free, where people respects the women of its country, where leaders focus on the education / literacy of its citizens and strive hard for a better India and its future. This blog-post is not about the party I’m supporting or the party which might come into power in all likelihood nor I’m interested in knowing which party are you supporting rather it’s about finalizing which button to press while casting your vote!

Before the Vote-day, do you think anything about the party or its leader or its local candidate?

Do you think that I will give vote to this party because I believe in party’s ideologies, how it functions / operates and what will it do if it will come into power? I’m sure, people who vote keeping in mind this thing would be like ardent followers and believes that every member of the party will be good for them.


Do you think that I will give vote to this party because of its Leader. I feel people who gave vote to Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Delhi state elections recently would surely have given because of Arvind Kejriwal OR people who’re giving vote to BJP this time would definitely want to see Narendra Modi as the prime-minister of India. Do you think one should vote for a particular party only because of his/her belief in the party’s leader? What about the other members? Does it matter if they will do any good to your constituency or not?


Do you think that I will give vote to this party because it’s local candidate has done good work in the past OR you’re hopeful that he/she will do in future?

These are some of the questions that come to my mind when I go to cast my vote. In my opinion, one shouldn’t think about the party he/she is voting rather contemplate about party’s leader and the local candidate because as it all usually comes from top to bottom. A political party also behaves like any organization where the employees’ attitude or outlook towards the work will depend upon his/her leader. If the leader is too active and energetic, there would be higher chances that his/her employees will also be. Hence a good leader and a local candidate can work wonders for that particular constituency!

This is what I believe but I would love to hear about your opinion on the same. Do let me know what comes to your mind while you go to cast your vote!!

#HappyVoting 🙂