Why can’t you SAY it?

akhilsethi randomnomics blog life is shortIt’s hard to believe but sometimes relationships suffer just because we don’t want to initiate. I’m surprised to see even people who love each other or are very close wants the other person to initiate or behave as per expectations!

Is it their ego which comes in between to say/ask/request anything OR matching expectations is of utmost importance?

Will you answer these for me?

If you expect anything from someone and you know you’ll be disheartened if that person doesn’t do what you are expecting, why can’t you just say it? Why do you have to wait for the other person’s actions? Is that loved one smaller than the things you expect?

Moral: People (esp. loved ones) are ALWAYS bigger than what they say or how they react…so don’t take their words too seriously. And if you want something from someone, just SAY it. You won’t become smaller or he won’t become bigger. Just SAY it. Always remember… Everybody’s different here. The way you behave or react, it’s not necessary that others would behave in the same manner. Appreciate the fact, SAY it and move on. LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY!

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Cabs for a pleasant ride home in Delhi

Cabs or Taxis – I’m sure everyone has taken it once in his/her lifetime, be it for going to office, to school or even a friend’s place. They do come for our rescue when we need to reach to a place quickly or when we can’t go from public transport or don’t have any conveyance to commute. Apart from these, they do provide following advantages:

  1. They know their respective cities inside out as they roam the streets full-time, hence you can rely on them to go anywhere
  2. They know about traffic jams and road closures, which allow them to choose the most efficient route to your intended destination
  3. Using a cab can relieve you of the burdens of driving and dealing with these potential obstacles, particularly in a city that may be foreign to you
  4. Taking a taxi allows you to cut down on your door-to-door commute time over driving your personal car as you need not worry about finding parking
  5. Owning a car can also be a pricey endeavor between the cost of purchase, operation and maintenance. Relying on taxicabs can eliminate maintenance, gasoline, insurance and parking costs from your monthly budget
  6. A taxi cab is possibly the fastest form of transportation available because it does not need to make multiple stops, like a bus or train
  7. Most importantly, after any social gathering or an office party, you can rely on them for reaching your home. Yes, don’t drink and drive 🙂

Talking about the scenario in Delhi, there are many AC cab service in Delhi one can take to commute from one place to other. And, because of the high competition, one can also avail regular discounts and offers which they provide from time to time. Delhi offers different types of cabs – one can see from those old Kaali-peeli cabs to new eco-friendly automated ones which you can even book through their mobile applications. One just has to install the app and enter the destination details to book it. All of these provide great experience at different levels. One can even choose any kind of cab to suit any pocket – from non-AC, to AC and premiums ones.

Because of the advanced level of technological automation and different options of cabs services, it is indeed a great place to live in 🙂

BTW, which taxi service do you use usually? Let me know in the comments section!

The Power of Togetherness

akhilsethi randomnomics blog post housing brandcoverImage Courtesy: Housing.com

This post is not about one single memorable day but a memorable journey with my life partner who gave me the strength and motivation at a time during which I required the most.

There was a time when things were not going good for me. I completed my B.Tech in 2007 in Electronics and communication. After that, I didn’t want to pursue the tech. field any further OR even get placed in a technical role in any of the reputed companies as I was way too bored with the subjects that I cleared 🙂 Hence I paused my life a bit, took a step back and thought what could be the best way to approach life or I’d should say my professional career going forward.

After some so-called introspection, I decided to prepare for MBA entrance exams as I thought this would be the best way to completely shift from an engineering background to a non-engineering one 🙂

Deciding to go for the MBA entrance exams was one thing, preparing for the same was another but the hardest was scoring well and getting into one of the reputed MBA schools. To prepare for the exams, I did two things:

a) Moved to a different place within Delhi with two of my best buddies

b) Joined one of the coaching institutes which gave me all the preparation material which was required

Apart from these, the coaching institute’s faculty was good and very supportive with every student. The preparation went well for initial month, but after that the coaching institute started taking mock tests where the actual realization happened 🙂 One after another, I scored below par in each of them and this had a negative impact on my confidence as well as preparation. Me and my buddies who were preparing with me scored well but not that well to expect a call from any of the reputed B-schools. We used to have long conversations with each other on the approach or tactics we should deploy to counter our low percentile in mock-tests, but we weren’t able to think of anything concrete which could save us.

I also used to discuss all this with my girlfriend and ultimately she came to my rescue. She showed confidence in me as she knew if I work hard and stick to it, I would definitely get entry into any of the reputed B-schools. Because of her belief in my abilities and dedication, I did clear entrance exam of one of the reputed institutes. Even today, I still remember our phone calls and meetings where she used to push me to work hard for it.

I just want to thank her to give me power, making me remain optimistic during those difficult times. Without her, this wouldn’t have been possible 🙂

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The LOVE Story

This post is about a person’s love story whom I know from my childhood. His story has inspired me a lot and have made me more confident/optimistic in each and everything what I do. The way I approach things, the way I try to remain calm in difficult situations, almost everything is inspired by his love story and yes, the result. 🙂

I won’t get into too much details but the post will give you a fair idea of all the incidents that happened. So, without further ado, here you go. And, to keep it simple and anonymous, I would use ‘B’ as the boy’s name and ‘G’ as the girl’s name.

So, B was from a so-called big town and G was from a small town. After B passed his schooling, he got admission into one of the engineering colleges in that small town where he met G. G was a simple girl with high ambitions; they both met in the second year of college and fell in love with each other. Their relationship continued till the college got over and on the last day, B proposed the girl. The girl didn’t said yes but told him that she will think and let him know later.

B was optimistic and knew that G was also in love with him but afraid of saying a yes. So, B gave G ample time to think about it. Meanwhile their long-distance relationship continued for 4 months. Suddenly, one day G called B and told him that she thinks she is in love with him. Boy got ecstatic and boarded the next morning bus to the small town to meet her and discuss everything in detail. They both met and this word ‘think’ from the above sentence just got removed 🙂

After sometime, G got placed in one of the reputed companies in the big town. So, their long relationship just became shorted because of the placement and as the time passed by, their relationship became stronger and stronger.

After few years, G’s father started receiving lot of  marriage proposals for her daughter and hence he started pressurizing her to get married. G, then told her father about this relationship he had with B. Here father got furious as she was a baniya and the boy was punjabi and doing an inter-caste marriage would be really bad.

However G tried to convince her father about B, his good family and how she would live happy after she would get married afterwards. After upteem number of requests, her father got convinced and agreed but on certain conditions which were – a) there’s won’t be any big function and b) there’s won’t be much people from B’s family on that marriage venue.

B agreed all this and with all support from his parents, family and friends, on the ‘the’ day, he went to the small town with only ten people in two innovas. During the whole journey from big town to small town, B didn’t utter a single word but when they were coming back after the rituals, B only showed her feeling when they crossed the small town. 🙂

The story inspires me a lot and emphasize on the fact that if you want something very badly, all the world conspires you, helps you in achieving that. You just have to be optimistic / positive towards that thing and in the end you will surely achieve the same.

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The Power of Voice to Clean India – Swach Bharat

This blog-post is a part of clean India campaign initiated by Strepsils India. For more details, you can visit these web-pages: Indiblogger page, twitter handle, facebook page.

Not so long ago, Mr. Narendra Modi, our prime minister began Swach Bharat campaign on 2nd October, 2014. The campaign is aimed at cleaning India and improving the sanitation facilities all across the country. The campaign itself is a step in the right direction however much needs to be done at the grassroots level. I stay in West-Delhi and I have seen many places around my house which are full of dirt, trash and filth.

In this post, I’ll only talk about a nearby place which needs much cleaning and warrants attention of the concerned authorities at the earliest possible. Here’s what this place currently looks like:

akhilsethi randomnomics blog akhil

It’s a barren land and I don’t even remember how long its been like this now. Its been years, none of the concerned authorities have tried to do anything. I even wrote many emails earlier to the Delhi government but no such action was taken. Adding to the situation, people living nearby this place have started throwing their household garbage considering a good/comfortable dumping ground. Even the labor class nearby this place has started using it for pee-ing or toilet purposes. Despite several requests from the RWAs and people living nearby, using this place for toilet didn’t stop. As a result, they came up with a good solution of placing Indian Gods’ images on the walls. Here’s what it currently looks like:akhilsethi randomnomics blog akhil

This has indeed stopped people for pee-ing around this place, however much needs to be done to improve the condition. There has been some construction going on nearby of a proposed police station but I’m not sure when it’s going to be completed. Following are few simple steps I propose to improve the condition of this place:

a) Since it’s a DDA land which is unused for years now, I think govt. can clear all this and create a commercial complex of small shops. This will not only help in revenue generation but also help generate more labor/employment around this area

b) Enforce a hefty fine on anyone who is seen pee-ing around here OR even throwing any kind of garbage. Make people aware about this fine as well as have police around this area who can impose fine on the spot

c) DDA with the help of Sulabh International can also build and maintain toilets here. Having said that, there’s already a toilet nearby at the end of the road but similar to other public toilets in Delhi, there is no maintenance and it stinks when someone passes across it. This will also help in tackling the situation mentioned in above point (b)

Do let me know if you have any other suggestions to improve the condition of this land OR even you’re facing something similar around your area.

As mentioned earlier, this post is a part of #AbMontuBolega campaign from Strepsils. Details of which can be found here http://www.abmontubolega.com/ as well as Facebook and Twitter.

Keep Calm And Stay Strong

akhilsethi randomnomics blog keep calm and stay strongThey say a healthy mind in a healthy body is ideal to strive for. It’s the human mind which governs each and every action that our body takes and hence responsible for the our behavior towards others in every situation. And…our behavior towards others in turn results in how others perceive you as a person. Few months back, I wrote a post where I discussed about our fast-paced lives and how we try to meet others expectations. Today, I will give you some simple tips on how you can keep yourself calm in almost every situation and get out of it without adversely affecting your mind or body.

1. Be content with what you have: I’m not saying that one should not be ambitious or one should not strive for achieving more but do try appreciate what you already have. While reading this, just pause for a moment and look around you. Think about your child, your parents, your siblings, your friends, things you have already accomplished till now. Thank GOD for the same just carry on. You’ll definitely feel good!

2. Be optimistic: A great way to keep yourself calm and not get hassled in any tough situation is by being optimistic. Just be positive and my dear friend, I’m sure, you’ll be able to withstand any tough situation.

3. Don’t compare yourself with others: I have seen many people around me comparing their life with others and getting sad or disappointed about what they don’t have. People sometimes also get frustrated (of what they don’t have) after seeing so-called happy pics of their friends on Facebook. They also tend to forget that those friends might not upload their pics when they were sad. So, one should always look at himself or herself in absolute terms rather in comparison.

4. Have patience: Patience, persistence and tolerance are the keys to a successful life. Have realistic personal as well as professional goals and stick to them keeping mind the above three.

5. Don’t regret: While making a decision, think it through from all the angles but when you’ve already made one, whatever be the consequences, just don’t regret. Instead, take it as an experience, learn from it and move on.

6. Ego: While moving up on your professional ladder, you need to learn how to manage your ego. A successful leader is always admired how he or she treats his or her subordinates. (I discussed about it earlier too here – point no. 7)

7. Manage your expectations well: Yes, when you do something for others, your expectations increases from that person. You tend to think that he or she will also respond or return the favor in the same manner but when it doesn’t happens, things get little messed up. But, to avoid these situations, from the next time, just try to lower down your expectations a bit and feel the difference

8. Love others: Lastly, show your love towards others. People who are around you, who you think will always be with you, just show them your love, sometimes your unconditional love. Believe me, this will never get unnoticed and will always help you to keep things in a controlled and calm manner.

I feel these are the ways in which most of the successful people try to remain calm. What do you think? Are there more ways in which one can keep himself or herself calm in tough situations? Do let me know in the comments sections below. Would be happy to discuss!

akhilsethi randomnomics blog I-Love-to-Read

Why is reading so important?

Before I start, let me tell you – I’m not into reading books. During my MBA days or even after that, I tried so many times that I read, read and read until it becomes a habit. They say, if you are into reading books, you have good command over English, written as well as verbal which just helps you to make other people understand your thoughts and ideas in a better way. But having said that, till now, I have read only 5 books namely The Alchemist, Five Point SomeoneIt happened in IndiaThe Da Vinci Code and Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps. The last one is much on the lines of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. Yes, I know these are some of the great books, but I wasn’t able to continue my reading (of books) after that. 🙂

Instead, I make up for this, by reading various articles, blogs, news online which keeps me updated of anything and everything professional as well as non-professional. YES, It’s absolutely imperative to READ to expand knowledge as well as your thought process. Just as other jobs/tasks, reading should also be on your job list everyday. It’s not about reading everything everyday, just reading a fair amount to ensure you are, in corporate lingo, ahead of the curve. By reading, you not only inspire yourself, but others too. And, if you’re a CEO/Head of an organization, think about your employees who are much more informed than their counterparts in other organizations. It will result in a great task-force, isn’t it?

So, coming straight to the point, here’s a list of websites (mostly related to marketing) I usually follow to keep myself updated regularly. Yes, some of the websites’ link were shared earlier with me when I started my professional career and later-on I added more 🙂

International Advertising News:








Ad Strategy:



Digital Marketing/Advertising:


















Social Media Marketing:





















http://drippler.com/ [Download the app too]

Marketing / Business Fun:











Social Samosa



Campaign India

Lighthouse Insights

Digital Vidya

P.S: If you follow me on twitter, you will get to know how much I read. Anyways, do let me know if you find the list useful. And yes, feel free to add more of them in the comments section, I would love to go through them and further add them on this post with a courtesy!