About Akhil

After doing his MBA in akhil sethiMarketing from ICFAI Hyderabad, Akhil started his career with social media more than 4 years back. After learning the so-called nuances of social media at media2win, he thought why not learn all the traits of digital marketing. Hence, the mind of this curious marketing student took him to Isobar where he’s now doing what he loves – client servicing, account management & media planning / buying (across desktop as well as mobile) and thereby helping some of the biggest brands to achieve their marketing objectives.

Apart from this, he also takes out time from his so-called busy schedule to play Cricket, do a bit of blogging and read about digital & non-digital things here & there. Feel free to invite him on any given Sunday for a Cricket match around NCR!

Ok, now you know something about Akhil. Why not connect with him on other platforms:
Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/akhilsethi
Twitter – https://twitter.com/akhilsethi
Facebook – https://twitter.com/akhilsethi
About.me – http://about.me/akhilsethi
Visual Resume – http://re.vu/akhilsethi

Specialties: Media Planning, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Planning, Social Media Advertising, Branding, Marketing, Online Marketing, Digital Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Facebook Advertising


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