Why to waste time?

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Ok, you had an argument with a close one, a rather bad one, but who doesn’t? I’m sure everyone would have at some point of time or probably many of them till date.

But are you the one who elongate the matter OR the one who initiates and approaches the other person?

If you know that other person is important and will live with you forever and this will be just a day that’ll be written off, why you’d WASTE time in elongating or by that matter exaggerating the issue? Consider this… Life is too short and you’ve just wasted some precious moments out of it. Some moments which you could’ve spent together doing something memorable or something important.

Always remember:

  • a) People are important, not their actions. Once you’re sure of a person, don’t let anything come in between
  • Don’t waste time to approach and say SORRY. Saying it won’t make you smaller or other person bigger, it’ll only show how much mature YOU are!
  • Keep you ego aside always. That’s the best thing you could do in any altercation with close ones
  • There’s always a time to do the right thing. Don’t ever think that … right now would be a bad time to do the right thing
  • Lastly if you know, you’ll be NORMAL after sometime, don’t waste that time to get normal. Think, discuss and get over it as soon as possible. Again saying…Life is too short to be taken seriously. So, have fun and enjoy life!

Image courtesy: http://www.innerbonding.com/images/theme_relationships.jpg


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