Google unveils Inbox: The inbox that works for you

akhilsethi randomnomics blog -google-reimagines-email-with-their-new-inbox-appOn the occasion of my birthday, yes 22nd Oct :), Google introduced a new application named as Inbox which I believe would set a new trend as far as the emailing is concerned. Before going into nitty-gritty’s, let me tell you, as of now, there’s no official word from Google that it will replace the age-old gmail but if the product succeeds, I think it will eventually. As of now, Inbox is currently in beta and by invitation only (requested at when sent from a Gmail account) or you can further request any user who has already got the access to the latest inbox!

Here is what my desktop inbox looks like currently:

akhilsethi randomnomics blog google gmail inbox

I won’t go into detailing out all the features of the new inbox app however as a digital marketer, would be providing relevant useful links which will provide you enough information about the same.

Like I told you, that it was released on my birthday, here’s the link of the official blog-post from Google to confirm the same. If you’re short of time, do check this video which equip you enough to talk about it in-front of others and make you sound more knowledgeable 😛 For a detailed version, The Next Web published a hands-on showing what it is like to use, VentureBeat explained the three reasons why it is their new favorite email app. And, Advertising Age noted that Inbox seemed to be intent on lowering the need to actually open emails, and that marketing emails will be grouped into ‘bundles’.

Apart from this, gmail and inbox are working simultaneously as of now. Gmail, as usual can be accessed at and Inbox can be accessed at

As far as my opinion is concerned, from the initial looks, Inbox (which can be accessed from both mobile and desktop) looks simple, neat and with no-ads at all. With last year’s gmail updates on categorization of emails to primary, social and promotions, it just takes the same to few steps further of bundling your emails to various categories by adding some cool features mentioned in above articles. Will it eventually replace gmail? I think, gradually and eventually, yes! Will I use Inbox daily now instead of the usual gmail? It certainly has the potential, but let’s see how things roll-out when it gets accessible to the whole world!

Have you got the Inbox invite? What are your initial thoughts? Look forward to your comments below.

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