How to Setup and Use Twitter Cards in Your Tweets for Free!

Working in a digital industry has its own challenges. Sometimes it’s very difficult for one to keep himself/herself updated about the latest changes happening in the digital field. Be it Facebook layout changes, twitter advertising/analytics changes, new ad formats on websites or how you buy inventory from ad-exchanges, anything to everything!

Coming to the point, while working in office few days back, I saw a twitter website card as a normal tweet on one of tweeps’ account I follow which was without any promotion. This made me really curious and what I figured our next will also make you surprisingly pleasantly curious if in case you’re a fellow digital marketer. 🙂

Yes, you can now use all the available twitter cards in your tweets and that too for FREE. 

From all the cards that twitter provides for advertising, only few of them are available in India yet. Last year, I wrote a post where I mentioned that twitter tied-up with Komli media to start its advertising business in India. I checked with them and they confirmed that apart from the usual promoted tweet, account & trend…website card, lead-generation card & app-download cards are also available in India.

Following is the simple step-by-step process to create a twitter card in your normal tweet:

1) Go to your profile, click on ‘settings & help’ drop-down and then further click on twitter ads. Yes, I’m aware that twitter-ads functionality isn’t available on all twitter accounts as yet, don’t ask me why!!

akhilsethi twitter blogpost








2) Then click on creatives drop-down to further click on cards: akhilsethi twitter blogpost website cards randomnomics










3) After that, let’s create a website card first. Check the below screenshot for more details. I already created one earlier hence it’s shown here:twitter akhilsethi blogpost randomnomics website card









4) Next click on website button which will open a window like below to create a twitter website card. The same give you an option to add an image (320×800 px) which would be clickable later, a landing page URL, a catchy-headline (max. 70 characters), a call to action button and lastly the card name. So, after filling-up all the details, just click on the ‘create card’ and you’re done creating the card heretwitter website card creation akhilsethi randomnomics blog












5) Once you click on the create card, the below window will appear which will give you an option to use this card in a tweet, edit the card again, clone the card or visit the landing page URLakhilsethi twitter blogpost website cards randomnomics creating a twitter website card 3










6) Now click on compose tweet with this card and a pop-up like below will appear which will now give you an option to compose the complete tweet. Add text before the card link and press tweet to post it

akhilsethi twitter blogpost website cards randomnomics creating a twitter website card randomnomics










7) The tweet will now appear on the handle and will be something like this. This was my first tweet having website card for this blog

akhilsethi twitter blogpost randomnomics 2








Similar way, you can also create tweets which has lead-generation card or app-download card in it.

Not only this, these days twitter also gives you free analytics in the form of impressions, engagements and engagement rate.

Now you’ve successfully created a twitter advertising card to be used in your tweets for FREE. Do let me know the results after using the same. Have you been able to increase the traffic on your website, get more leads or even managed to get the app-downloads? Would love to hear your thoughts on the same. Till then, happy tweeting! 🙂


6 thoughts on “How to Setup and Use Twitter Cards in Your Tweets for Free!

  1. Sourav Ghosh says:

    Thanks for sharing this article Akhil. I tried using Twitter cards. But got very confused. I created some summary card. Check this screenshot if I am getting analytics, then it must have been created. But now I when I visit the page I am clueless about where to find the one I had created. See the card is not listed. Now in the Analytics page there many types of cards are mentioned, which are not enabled. How can I enable those?

    I also tried to validate my website from Analytics > Website But couldn’t. As I am using Self hosted WordPress site, how can I put it in the index page? I had tried putting in the template, didn’t work. Tried putting in homepage meta, didn’t work. Any solution?


    • akhilsethi says:

      Hi Sourav, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Here’s the response below to your queries. Hope you find the same useful.

      a) Where to find the cards you created – When you open the twitter ads, instead of clicking on the analytics button, click on creatives and then cards. Before publishing this post, I also created a card earlier. For more details, check one of the screenshots in the blog-post above. Here’s the link to it

      b) How to enable other cards – I think you need to do more research about the same as I guess these are related to developer cards and one has to manually create the same. For details, you can click on ‘learn more’ option that comes on the right hand side while viewing these cards. Also, the only cards that are available as yet is website, lead-generation & app-download.

      c) Validating the website – I’m also currently exploring the same. Can’t help you out on the same much. Check this if it helps. All the best.

      Let me know in case you’ve more doubts here. Thanks.


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