10 simple yet practical ways to improve yourself

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“No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you’ve come from, you can always change, become a better version of yourself.”  ― Madonna

We live in a world which is very fast-paced. At the workplace, we think about how to match client’s deadlines and get the work done quickly and at home, we think about our family / left-over pending work but do we take time out of our busy schedule to think about ourselves? Like … what can we do to improve ourself? How can we change our outlook / mindset towards things & people who can help us better ourself? In this blog-post, I will share few tips / suggestions that will help you to change yourself and become a better person in life:

  1. Be positive, show optimism in each and everything: There are times when things get difficult, so tough that you don’t know how to tackle with them. You start doubting yourself. In such a scenario, just have faith on yourself and be positive that this shall too pass as nothing is constant in this world.  Also look at the other side of it, nothing is better than a positive colleague, friend, relative or spouse. He / she is one of the best things that can happen in your life. So be that kind of person in others lives. You’ll definitely feel that you’re doing something worthwhile in others’ lives and will feel better.
  2. Start taking things a bit lightly: The great American writer Elbert Hubbard once said, “Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.” The same stands true in every damn situation. Life is too short to take things seriously. Just try not to expect much from others, everybody has their own problems to tackle with. When you start lowering down your expectations from others, you’ll feel that things don’t affect you easily and you now have more control on your mind. If you like this thought, don’t forget to go-through a recent post I wrote earlier on LIFE here.
  3. Make a list of things you LOVE to do: They say an idle mind is like a devil’s workshop which means if you don’t have anything specific to think or work on, you’ll only think destructive. To counter this, try creating a list of things you LOVE. I know you have in your mind what you like & dislike but try to list down things that you love on a paper and have it in front of your study table or place where you usually sit & relax at your home. Having a list in front of you will have a positive impact on your subconscious mind and unknowingly will encourage you to try pick-up these things everyday. And if you don’t have enough hobbies to indulge in, pick up a new hobby like learning yoga, meditation or a new language.
  4. THANK GOD for whatever you have in your LIFE: Believe me, there are people in this world who are less fortunate than you’re currently who don’t even have that so-called access to basic amenities. So, don’t crib / complain about things you don’t have, just think about the people who don’t have and move-on.  If you really want something, try your best, do whatever you can do to achieve that but don’t make that an obsession or an issue which will not only affect you but the ones around you too. While reading this, just close your eyes and pause for a moment to thank god / almighty for whatever you are and have in LIFE like the parents (in-laws), life-partner, son / daughter, siblings, etc. you have who loves you so much
  5. Be calm, cool and collected: If you’re calm, cool and collected, you definitely have control over your mind. You don’t tend to get distracted about things easily and this way you have focus on important things. People with this quality usually are more successful in their personal as well as professional lives as they know where to concentrate and where not to.
  6. Be self-motivated: One of the sad truth about life is that it’s tough! You can’t get things you aspire for very easily. It is you who have to make an effort to strive hard to achieve those things. And, when you do try hard, there are chances that you fail sometimes. The only best thing about failing is that it gives you a chance to make a strong comeback. I know sometimes it’s difficult to bounce back, but my friend, so is LIFE. You need to be strong, self-motivated, should not wait for others’ to pick you up. Just feel this from inside, you’ll see the change!
  7. Manage your EGOFeeling good about oneself and having high esteem are very important to most people but having over-inflated view about one’s strengths can be detrimental. When a person is obsessed about himself, he thinks that he is only person who’s saying / doing it correctly. His approach becomes narrow-minded and he fails to connect with his peers which ultimately leads to failed inter-personal relationships and hence frustration. So, when you’re having a conversation, just be rational, logical in your approach and try to understand others’ point of view.
  8. Move out of your Comfort Zone: I believe that we as Indians are protective in nature than people in the developed world. Be it for our children or our future, we are somewhat averse in taking risks. We usually approach things in a safe manner so that we don’t lose our control mid-way. Maybe because of this, we are less entrepreneurial in nature. To achieve something big, you need to move out of your comfort zone. You need to do something different to achieve something different else it’ll be same all the way!
  9. Use these words more often: From today onwards, use words like ‘Thank you’, ‘Sorry’, ‘It’s ok’, etc. more often and you’ll feel the way how others become more receptive to what you say and what you feel. They would tend to appreciate & would start giving more importance to you!
  10. Help others and forgive people: Lastly try not missing a chance to help others. If you’ll help someone, they will feel good about you and in-return will do whatever you want them to do later. This way you’ll be able to build a good friend circle and have good inter-personal relationships which will make you feel good about yourself. Apart from this, start forgiving people, don’t keep issues to your heart which will later affect your mind. This will only divert your mind to the less-important things in your life. Be focussed, Be calm!!

I’m sure doing these simple things will not only help you improve your personality but will also work wonders for you! If you have any questions, anything you’d like to discuss, don’t hesitate in getting in touch here OR post your point of view in the comments below!

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