Kasauli (Solan): An Awesome Trip To The Hills

When you work in the media industry where everyday is so damn busy…you try to come early and leave late just because you meet the so-called unrealistic deadlines set by your clients, any kind of vacation or a holiday is like a BLISS. Yes, this was like a much-needed break with my colleagues from the day-today offisial-atyachaar!
Kasauli is a cantonment as well as town, in Solan district in Himachal Pradesh. It is at a distance from 77 kilometres from Shimla, 65 kilometres from Chandigarh, and 300 kilometres from New Delhi which is why it is one of the options for a good summer-break.

Climate-wise, Kasauli has a pleasantly moderate climate. As per Wikipedia, winter temperature is approximately 2 degrees celsius, with summer temperatures rarely exceeding 32 degrees celsius. During the time when I was there, it was around 26 degree celsius (mid-May).

Akhil Sethi Kasauli Trip May 2014Before I go to any trip or a holiday, as an explorer, I try to search for all the information beforehand so that I kind of manage to take the best out of the whole trip. Even for this trip, I tried searching on internet but not much of information was available. I had to go-through many articles to find out what best possible one can do. Hence the purpose of writing this blog-post is also to help those travelers who can get all information Kasauli at one place. So, here’s the information most of the travelers look for:


Hotel to consider:

akhil sethi kasauli winnies hotel resort himachal pradeshWe stayed at Winnies Hotel Resort which is not exactly in Kasauli but 6 Km before Kasauli. I must say, the hotel is really good with regards to its room service as well as the food during breakfast, lunch & dinner. However the only not so good thing was the french-fries I ordered at my room during evening time. And so was the feedback of my colleagues too when they ordered something else as evening snacks. Overall it’s a good place to stay however, I did find the per-night room-price bit on a higher side though!


Places to visit:

akhil sethi kasauli main marketa) Kasauli main market: Kasauli doesn’t have enough options to roam-around or hang-out with friends. But, if you’re in Kasauli, do visit the main market which is very close to the bus-stand. The market is small but it feels good when you’ve all the time in the world to roam-free. If you’re hungry, just go further where you’ll find Rudra Cafe, an eating joint which is filled with Bob Marley pics and is known for some good chinese food! And, just when you go a bit further (2-3 shops), you’ll find Narinder sweet house, when you can get yummy tasty jalebi.


b) Sun-set point & Gilbert Trail: akhil sethi sun-set point kasauli trip gilbert trailSituated around 1 Km up from the bus-stand, sun-set point offers a breath-taking view of the mountains. At this place, you can actually know the distance as well as angle of the nearby locations. Hats-off to its creators.  And, when you move a bit further from the sun-set point, you’ll find a trail leading to another view-point which is known as Gilbert Hill. I’m not sure how many travelers go there as it’s a kind of kacha / risky road of about 600 meters. However the view that you get after the trail finishes is just awesome and all you need to do is to just admire it.

c) Manki point: Earlier I used to think that this is a place where lots of monkeys would be there and hence it’s called the manki point but it’s not like that at all. Situated almost 4 km up to the bus-stand, this is the highest point of Kasauli and has a temple which lies inside the premises of Air-force base hence cameras, mobile-phones aren’t allowed inside the same. Make sure to reach before 4:15 pm as it closes after that and nobody is allowed to enter despite the umpteen no. of requests (yes, that’s from an experience). The view at the top is magnificent and worth-going for any traveler.

My recommendations: Kasauli is a nice quiet place to visit and the trip from Delhi can be completed during the weekend itself. Go for not more than a 2-night stay in Kasauli and if you want to take the most out of your travel here, explore the place by foot and not by car or bus with a good camera in hand. Also don’t forget to try Himachali wines if you love to indulge yourself in good wine-drinking experience.

If you happen to come across this piece and still want any other information on Kasauli, do tweet me here and I will help you!

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