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Do you get inspired by anything? Do you think that a particular thing or a person might change the way you think about your life or basically your attitude towards life? If yes, keep on reading my friend as on the way…you’ll find something that might change something in you! I always believed in the power of words or you can say I ardently believe that “The pen is mightier than the sword”. One can achieve anything or everything, if he/she’s good at using the right words at the right time & with the right person. Following are some of the quotes specifically on LIFE that I really LIKE (yes, my personal favorites :P). And, in my subsequent posts, I’m going to come-up with quotes on attitude, love, leadership, etc. Here they are:

LIFE is all about learning from experiences:


Yes, LIFE is tough! To be successful, you’ll have to overcome many difficulties, obstacles & hindrances on the way. Not only that, you’ll have to be cool, calm and composed in tough circumstances. There may be situations which would not be according to what you thought or expected but you’ll have to deal with them in a composed manner. Yes, you need to forget what hurt you but never forget what it taught you. Life is indeed learning from the experiences. Nothing is perfect in this world. There’s always a scope of improvement in what we do and how we do. So, just move on from what happened in the past and remember the learning on your way to the top!

Stop criticizing others:

Image I’ve seen so many people whether outside or at home like to criticize others. They make fun of how others behave or even react to a particular situation. God (or the almighty) has made all of us different and I think we should respect the same. Yes, there might be a possibility that you can do that particular thing better than the other person, but there may be a thing or two which other person might be able to do it better than you. So, my friend you need to respect the same and instead of just criticizing, help him/her to do it in a better way.

Nobody cares nobody fucking cares:

ImageYes, it’s a kind of sad truth which we certainly have to face in life. Nobody in this world will do it for you. It is you and only you my friend who will have to put your ass on-the-line and do it for yourself. Yes, there might be occasions where a friend might help you but during the whole journey, you should have the balls to keep your head high and reach the end. If you’re serious about something (getting an admission into your favorite college, getting the desired job offer or even the life partner), do not take it lightly else you’ll not get it. To achieve something different, you’ll have to … have to do something different otherwise it will be same all the way! Keep calm!


Everything happens for a reason:

ImageYes every god damn thing in this world happens for a reason and for our own GOOD. Believe it and you’ll get to know in the end. Last year, I wrote a blog-post on pushing your limits which explains how Everything happens for GOOD. Do go through the same. Would like to end this post with the one I like the most.


Enjoy LIFE, it’s just one:

Image Yes, enjoy LIFE to its fullest. It’s the most beautiful thing given by the almighty. Love others honestly and selflessly, it will definitely help you to manage your expectations from them. And yes, as they say don’t take it too seriously, you’ll never ever get out of the same alive. Have fun and laugh even in the difficult situations, it will help you sail pass through them comfortably!!


I know I have missed some of the great quotes on LIFE. But hey, why god or even this WordPress blogging platform has given the comments section below. C’mon, share your best ones OR even a link will do and let’s have some meaningful conversation there. What’s say, buddy? 🙂


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