Dear Vodafone, are you really happy to help? Vodafone Sucks!!

From the past 3-4 months, me & my wife are trying to convert 2 Vodafone mobile numbers from corporate to individual. Since she has left her previous company, it has become increasingly difficult for her just to convert these mobile numbers to individual ones. It started with our first call to Vodafone customer care & a subsequent email to Check the below screen-shot for reference.

Vodafone telecome mobile Jan 22 complaint

Post that, we received an email from Mr. Mayank Singh, customer care informing us to visit the nearest customer care centre with some documents like id proof, address proof, etc. This email gave us a kind of assurance that after submitting the documents, we might get our number converted to individual & then get this number ported to some other provider. After this, we quickly went to the Rajouri Garden Vodafone customer care centre where we were advised to contact the Vodafone care through email as my wife has changed her company and the corporate account was from the previous company. We came back disappointed and again wrote an email to the suggested email-id We again got the same response that we need to go to the customer care centre with the all the documents suggested previously. This time, there was a new addition – NOC letter from your organization. This what we got when we clearly informed the customer care that my wife has moved on to some other company.

After  getting the above email, my wife again called the customer care. She had a discussion with Mr. Palvinder on 26th January 2011 at 1.44 p.m, call reference number – 245790383 where she was informed that since Vodafone is always happy to help, she can now send all the documents (scanned copies) via an email and Vodafone will convert the number from corporate to individual. Check the below screen-shot for reference.

 26 january vodafone complaint

My wife was so much frustrated with the whole process of addressing customers’ query that she even wrote an email to customer care for terminating both the number. After that, to add to her frustration, she got an email from Vodafone next day informing about wrong misrepresented information. Check the below screen-shots for reference.

26 january vodafone complaint

27 january vodafone complaint vodafone sucks
We again went to the Rajouri Garden customer care centre. Here we were again advised to send an email to Vodafone customer care centre as their system was not working. Mr. Tony was there to help us, but he was more of a Happy man not to help in this regard. After coming back we again wrote an email to the customer care team, to which they acknowledged, but till date they haven’t sent a reply. Check the below screen-shot for your reference.

Vodafone sucks very disappointed with vodafone

After so much of following up with Vodafone for just converting the numbers from corporate to individual and nothing happened from their side, we have lost almost every hope. My wife said – it’s the worst thing that we did when we took Vodafone as our preferred mobile service provider.

This email is my last request to the whole Vodafone team that if they really believe in the ideology of – Happy to Help, please come forward and do so, else I will spread this and I will not let any of my friends, colleagues or family people to use your services in future all thanks to Mobile Number Portability.

One more request, although I know you guys won’t take it seriously, but please shut down your Rajouri Garden customer care centre, all executives sucks at helping customers or they are just not willing to help, they are just dumb-asses who don’t care anything about customers.

P.S: The opinions expressed in the below blog-post represent my own & my wife.  In addition, my thoughts and opinions change from time to time…I consider this a necessary consequence of having an open mind. This may change if Vodafone comes forward and be HAPPY TO HELP!


3 thoughts on “Dear Vodafone, are you really happy to help? Vodafone Sucks!!

  1. Dixita says:

    Vodafone customer care SUCKS. Vodafone lacks transparency and they do not inform users if certain scheme is being deactivated. This month, I had to pay 800 for 80Mb data usage since they did clearly inform me about change in internet plans. When you try to approach the customer care to clarify, you end up begging them not to rip you off.
    Honestly, even i would suggest friends and family to switch to other services as soon as possible and if the cannot change their numbers, then use mnp. VODAFONE SUCKS TO THE CORE…!!! please, if you do not want to be ripped off and love your peace of mind DO NOT USE VODAFONE…!!!


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