Things that I really did in 2011

[tweetmeme source=”akhilsethi” only_single=false]Sometime back … actually way back in 2011, I wrote few things that I wanted to achieve/complete/accomplish in that year.

This post will be a small one and include the status on those things. So, without any further delay, here you go.

1) Want to take break from my work and visit Goa or Shimla or Rishikesh or Mussorie or Dalhousie or Ooty or Darjeeling (seems too desperate….hmmm) – Visited none of the above mentioned, but was able to go Nainital with my family and had a great time.

2) Want to do an exceptional/outstanding work from my client…bole to ekdum jhkaaas work. – Was able to manage my brands well. One of my seniors said “I’m a kind of person whom he can depend upon”. That’s one of the best thing you can hear in a professional world, isn’t it?

3) Want to handle more clients/brands. – Since it was getting difficult in my previous agency, I decided to move on and yes I’m handling different brands now.

4) For sometime also want to work in a different department in my company. – Now working in a different agency and new role, hope this will be taken care-off!

5) Want to drink Beer with my mum. – Hell yeaaah. This happened too with my brother and girl-friend was there!

6) Want to win a social media award. – Won IndiaSocial case-challenge award last year, although a runner-up, but was satisfying enough.

7) Want to have a different hairstyle. – With the current situation, I think there will be no hairstyle after sometime as I’ll lost all my hair. 🙂

8 ) Want to develop the habit of reading or at-least start writing a diary entry everyday. – Come on akhil, you can do it, not a difficult job. Yes, hope to accomplish this in this year.

9) Want to buy a car on my own. – Yup, its on priority. Coming soon!

10) Want to see my buddy in an advertising company or something that interests him. – This happened and even more satisfying for me when I heard it was because of me! 🙂

11) Last & most important – Change my facebook profile status to engaged (with the girl I love the most). – I didn’t changed my status to ‘engaged’, but straightaway to ‘married’.  🙂 Things went so fast, that I got married with the girl I loved the most. And yupp, I’m very HAPPY!

All-in-all, it was a good year for me! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Things that I really did in 2011

  1. Amit says:

    superb year buddy…i knew most of the things, but read it in ur style 🙂
    hv a better 2012…

    From –
    Buddy (who wanted to be in advertising agency or sumthng of interest) 😛


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