‘Bomb’ay Bomb Blasts

[tweetmeme source=”akhilsethi” only_single=false] Just 3 days back, we witnessed another set of bomb-blasts which marred the city of ‘Bomb’ay. These bomb-blasts occurred within 11 minutes at Zaveri Bazar, Kabutarkhana, and Opera House and the death-toll has now reached to 21. The bomb-blast occurred at Zaveri Bazar was the third one, the earlier two happened in 1993 and 2003.

Within few minutes, all the so-called dignitaries came out in public and showed their discontent and appealed to the public of Mumbai to remain calm & composed. Statements given out by:

Rahul Gandhi – He came out & said, Indian Govt. can’t stop all terrorist attacks and it has done a good job by preventing 99% of terror attacks due to vigilance and intelligence.

(I just want to ask…is it not the job of police or intelligence agencies to make India a terror free, to stop each & every terror-attack? Why is Govt. boasting that it has prevented 99% of the attacks? What if in future that 1%  of the terror attack kill thousands & thousands of people? Should Govt. be basking in the glory of preventing those 99% attacks or should it be taking theresponsibility of these attacks? Consider the case of America, not even a single terror-attack happened after 9/11. And, Americans just shot-dead the person responsible (Osama Bin-Laden) for those attacks outside America (in Pakistan), giving a strong message to other terrorists of the consequences of such attacks on their land. I’m not comparing us with Americans, but can’t we show some improvements? Can’t we set an example in front of the terrorists, however small it may be? In-short, I’m just asking my Policemen & Intelligence people to work efficiently & effectively without any corruption & bureaucracy. Am I asking too much?)

Manmohan Singh – He came out and condemned the blasts and the other statement that he gave was the terrorists behind these blasts will be punished severely.

(Consider the case of  Ajmal Kasab, the man behind the 2008 Mumbai attacks. He was found guilty of 80 offences, including murder, possessing explosives & waging war against the nation, which is punishable by the death penalty, but he is still enjoying the taste of Indian hospitality. What is that which is stopping us to hang him to death? Why his trial is still going on from the past 3 years as we all know what he did. Is it Indian Govt.’s laxity to deal with this issue or what? Osama Bin-Laden was brutally killed by Americans in Pakistan and here’s a terrorist in our own land which we are unable to bring him to death.)

There are some questions which needs to be answered by our Indian Govt. Is the Govt.’s role is only to come out after such attacks and form investigative teams which do nothing…or to be held accountable of such barbaric attacks?

This was just a small out-burst of what I felt about the statements made by these dignitaries. Feel free to share what you think.

Some photos of the barbaric attacks:

Image Courtesy – The Hindu Newspaper


2 thoughts on “‘Bomb’ay Bomb Blasts

  1. somjay says:

    enough of govt bashing (not that i dont hold them responsible) but wot have we -as a people- done other than incessantly agonizing and blogging about it…we as a generation have failed…our false sense of achievement has tricked us into believing that we can make a difference but scratch the surface and we’d realize that we are nothing more than a bunch of whiny losers who love to take the easy way out (embarking on candle light marches to india gate and updating our fb status’ )


    • Akhil Sethi says:

      Thanks Somjay for sharing your views. 🙂

      Just want to know that as common citizens what are we supposed to do? Isn’t this the job of policemen/intelligence agencies to make India terror-free? I mean why have these people been hired on their jobs? I’m just saying that if these people can do their jobs efficiently, we will not be in a situation like this. You want citizens to take law into their hands and do what policemen are supposed to do?

      And, protesting through candle marches is a peaceful way to show your anger to Govt. which is done to remind Govt. that it has to something or the other to stop such acts.


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