What’s fuss about DRS?

[tweetmeme source=”akhilsethi” only_single=false] These days we’ve been hearing a lot about DRS which is nothing but the Decision Review System. According to wikipedia, it is a new technology based system currently being used on an experimental basis in the sport of cricket. The system was first introduced in Test Cricket for the sole purpose of reviewing the controversial decisions made by the on-field umpires in the case of a batsman being dismissed or not.

Let’s come straight to the point – Why there is so much fuss about DRS these days?

Mainly because all the other test playing nations except India has welcomed it and is ready to make it a part of the judgement system. So, why does it matter too International Cricket Council (here-after ICC) as only one country (India) is opposing it? It is largely because of the consistent opposition by the world’s richest & powerful cricket board – Board of Control for Cricket in India (here-after BCCI).

What India wants?

BCCI or India wants the system to be totally error-free before it gets into the system. Even in the past, players like M.S Dhoni and Sachin Tendular have posed questions on the credibility of the system. Doni showed his anger during the world-cup match against England where Ian Bell was given not out when ball was clearly hitting the stumps. And, Tendulkar is saying that this system should include the hotspot and snicko to be full-proof.

India has also been under a lot of criticism from the Cricketing greats like Geoff Boycott and even from the current England player – Chris Tremlett. Even the ex-coach of Indian Cricket Team – Gary Kirsten praised the DRS system.

My opinion – I think India should not be too much rigid in adopting this technology when the other countries have taken a positive stance for it. Ultimately, it’s a thing that is helping to improve the umpiring decisions. The other technologies like hotspot & snicko are very expensive and there is a more likelihood that they will not be adopted in the countries like Zimbabwe or Bangladesh where their cricketing boards can’s afford. There is even more likelihood that BCCI will get isolated from other boards & will be criticized for the same.

What do you think? Does India’s stand against the DRS justified? Whether the other big test playing nations like Australia, England take a stand against India?

Additional information – Decision Review System guidelines from ICC


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