11 things that I want to do in 2011

Below are some of the interesting/nice/good/crazy/whacky/cool/hot/insensible/bold things that I want to do in this 2011 year:

1) Want to take break from my work and visit Goa or Shimla or Rishikesh or Mussorie or Dalhousie or Ooty or Darjeeling (seems too desperate….hmmm) 😉

2) Want to do an exceptional/outstanding work from my client…bole to ekdum jhkaaas work

3) Want to handle more clients/brands

4) For sometime also want to work in a different department in my company

5) Want to drink Beer with my mum 😉

6) Want to win a social media award

7) Want to have a different hairstyle

8 ) Want to develop the habit of reading or at-least start writing a diary entry everyday

9) Want to buy a car on my own

10) Want to see my buddy in an advertising company or something that interests him

11) Last & most important – Change my facebook profile status to engaged (with the girl I love the most)


What’s ‘yours’? 🙂


One thought on “11 things that I want to do in 2011

  1. Amit says:

    OMG…i never read this…ye kab aya aur kab gaya..pata hi ni laga…but its gud n i am reading it now bcz now i also hv the post that what u achieved 🙂


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