The Big Question!

[tweetmeme source=”akhilsethi” only_single=false] It’s been a long time since I have written a blog-post. Probably it was because of my work-load or my loss of interest in writing. Anyways here I am again writing my views again!

Honestly speaking I was not aware about what the Lokpal bill was and who Anna Hazare is, apart from him being a social activist. But yes, after so much of being said about him on facebook, on TV or even on twitterverse, it just took my attention with a huge surprise.

Everyone in my friend-list is now supporting his campaign against corruption. People in my office, people who I am having a small chat on phone, everyone is saying that we will go to Jantar-Mantar and join this protest to fight against ‘Corruption’. With utmost respect to Anna Hazare jee and to my friends, I just want to ask three things:

a) Have you ever tried giving a bribe to someone, may be a traffic policemen or a so-called ‘thulla’?
b) Have you ever tried giving bribe for your child’s school admission?
c) Have you ever tried giving bribe in a govt. office/organization to speed up your work?

If the answer is yes my dear, then giving bribery is also called as ‘Corruption’ and you are a part it! So, what’s the point of joining this anti-corruption campaign? What do you want to show everyone? Out of a sudden, are you a changed person now? What if, you first join this anti-corruption campaign and after some days, you caught giving bribe to any traffic policeman?

Just think over it!

P.S:  I am nowhere saying that I am against Anna Hazare jee or even his supporters. I really respect him and wholeheartedly support the way in which he and others are fighting for the whole country. It is just a small question which is bothering me. My humble apologies to anyone who find it offensive or disrespecting!


4 thoughts on “The Big Question!

  1. kalyan says:

    Nice thought ! but see the big picture , why do people pay bribe to police or govt officials ? because they are not afraid of law .for example people drink and drive or drive with out license and this arrogance comes from lack of fear of govt and because every one is rotten ! up to the highest level . no body cares ! if this law is there Police will enforce strict rules ,

    people will start carrying licenses and avoid drink and drive ,because the cops know they will be answerable so they will be strict and people know cops are getting strict because of this law they will obey rules the entire system will auto correct it self !

    The support part if people know that there is a certain bill which will eradicate 90 % of corruption in India and if it is implemented then it will help India to grow the I say to reach Jantar Mantar Drink and drive no problem but support A CAUSE !

    VIEWS ARE PERSONAL ! and NOT trying to prove some one is right or wrong !


    • akhilsethi says:

      Liked your comment brother, but have some apprehensions.

      I somehow don’t agree with the thing that if this law is there, only then it will be difficult for people to break any rules. The rules are broken because our law-enforcement is not good. Govt. make all the laws, but the people (policemen) who has the responsibility (or duty) are not doing their work properly. For this, there should be greater amount of accountability in the system. Think, we should get into these, as we will then divert from the main agenda.

      And yes, I am also in agreement with this Lokpal bill and the protest which respected Anna Hazare has started. Kudos to him and all the protestors supporting him.

      It was just some inner dilemma that resulted in this blog-post! 🙂


  2. Tarun Khurana says:

    Hi Akhil
    Completely agree with you. Though I have not followed up this whole discussion on Hazare’s fast until death very closely but its great to see the overwhelming response that has been generated. Corruption is indeed a menace that is affecting our country.

    Be it the Common Wealth Games (Kalmadi), 2G scam(Raja) and IPL (Modi)-These are high level scams which involve the officials at he helm misappropriating the funds and that is why the discussion of lokpal bill becomes all the more pertinent

    If we have 2 clean the system, it has to be clean throughout. Even the traffic police guy who takes money and allows people to break the law should not be spared because in all likelihood, there is a strong chance that this guy will rise above the ranks and will continue to be corrupt once he becomes the senior guy in the system

    More importantly, we also have a role to play. If the government officials are corrupt it is because we are tempting them to be corrupt (remember the Tata Tea advertsement). The least that we can do is play our part and the rest will be taken care by this bill (on an optimistic note).

    Do let me know your views on this.


    • akhilsethi says:

      Thanks for sharing your views Tarun. Completely agree with you and I think it is more of our responsibility (than that policeman) to stop corruption in this country.

      I have taken a pledge that somehow I will now not give that 50 bucks and instead will give the whole amount if I break any of the traffic rules. However, in the first place, I will never try to break any rules though 😛

      Yes, let’s be optimistic and see what happens in the monsoon session where the bill will get its fair judgement 🙂


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