Twitter vs Facebook: What’s the major difference?

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We all know about the rise of social media tools (websites) used by various companies nowadays to promote themselves and their products to the (potential) target market. But in this short-post, I’ll not go into the intricacies of explaining the ways in which these websites are used from a business perspective, but will try to explain the ‘major’ difference between twitter & facebook from a personal angle.

Twitter, a microblogging service is about connecting with the people whom you don’t know in your real life and getting into conversations with these people.  I have only 5-6 people on twitter (from a network of around 2500) whom I know in real life. So, in my opinion, twitter is just about conversations and exchange of views from one person to another.

Facebook, a complete social networking website is about connecting with the people whom you know in real life. It’s about interacting/exchanging views/discussing with people whom you already know. There are hardly 5-6 people in my friend-list on facebook whom I don’t know in person. So, in my opinion, facebook is all about getting connected with your friends/school-mates/college-mates.

So, in your opinion, what do you think is the ‘major’ difference between the two fastest growing social networking websites? Do feel free to share your opinion! 🙂


One thought on “Twitter vs Facebook: What’s the major difference?

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