Peepli Lived!

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Today I watched Peepli Live! As it was an Aamir Khan movie, I was eagerly waiting for the movie to release. Last week I asked one of my close friend to make a plan to watch this movie, but he said the movie is not worth watching as one of Peepli live movie reviewhis friend has already downloaded it from the net, watched it and gave bad reviews. So my friend was completely uninterested in watching Peepli Live, as a result I was thinking with whom should I watch it? Then i asked my best friend, my mother…..that whether she’ll accompany me or not, usually she’s never interested in watching any movie on the hall, but somehow she agreed and we went to watch the movie! Because of the heavy rain that was pouring in, we find it very difficult to reach the movie hall on time and due to it, we missed the starting 10 minutes of the movie. However the rest of the movie was very good and worth watching.

Most of the Aamir Khan movies are based on an issue or a concern that he wants all of us to think about. Like Taare Zamin Par (understanding a dyslexic child) or may be 3 idiots (putting too much pressure on the child or imposing your choices onto your children), this movie also highlights an issue which is the plight of farmers in India, but with full of humor in it. There was a farmer named Natha, who under the influence of his elder brother decided to commit suicide in the hope of getting some compensation from the government (for his family). As the news breaks out, it reaches to all the TV news channels which then started to cover the same story in a big way to get some TRPs for themselves. The whole coverage by these TV channels was with full of humor as they captured even the minute things happening in Natha’s house; it was very similar to all our Hindi News channels which don’t miss a chance to create a big hype out of anything. So in the movie they also did the same thing. As a result of TV news channels’ coverage, some Govt. officials also visited Natha’s house, from which some supported his suicide saying he is dying for a good cause and some were against it as they were afraid that it could become a big issue for the upcoming elections.

I’ll not write about each and everything that happened in the movie, but do want to narrate a scene that was in the that. What happened was that TV news channels created a big hype by making breaking news of Natha’s Shit! Yes, you heard me right!

What happened was, that Natha somehow escaped all the TV news channels’ people and even the police to find a proper place to do shit. But somehow, a TV news channel spotted him doing the same and as a result Natha ran away from that place and went into hiding! Then all TV news channels got worried as they didn’t had any news to cover, so as an alternative what they did was that they made a news out of the place where Natha did his shit, they covered the whole place, zoomed the camera on the same, and started analyzing the shit as if there was a connection between Natha’s shit and what was going in his mind for committing suicide. This all is captured in a very humoristic manner and you’ll not stop laughing during this scene.

Lastly, I’ll not tell you that whether Natha dies in the end or not, I want you to watch the movie to find out the same. All in all from my side the movie was good, worth watching and a must watch when you are with your friends. Ratings – 4 out of 5!

Do tell me after watching the movie that you liked it or not? Will be waiting for your reviews! 🙂


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