MBA in China/India

[tweetmeme source=”akhilsethi” only_single=false] For over a century, US has been the largest economy in the world, but if we see the last 30 years or so, we are observing that the economic power is shifting from the West to the East now, especially towards China and India. The world economy is changing from a uni-polar one with the emergence of China and later, maybe after a decade or so, it will change to a tri-polar one with the emergence of India.

According to a report released by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), in 2008, India to grow to almost 90% of US economy by 2050 and China to overtake US economy by 2025 & will continue to grow to around 130% of the size of the US by 2050.

My reason for quoting all this is to show how important China and India will be in the next 20-25 years and working in these two countries could prove to be very useful. Yesterday, I read an article on importance of having work experience in China and how it will be helpful to boost your career. The article suggested that working in China, knowing how the business is done, connecting with the business community and knowing how to solve business problems here, will definitely be valuable for your professional career.

Now comes, why doing mba is important now in these countries. Firstly, the quality of mba schools in both the countries is getting better and better. With the advent of economic growth, the govt. of both the countries is investing heavily in infrastructure as well on the quality of education. We all know Kapil Sibal is taking some bold initiatives to change the present state of higher education in India.

Apart from it, another reason that can be stated is the growing domestic salaries received by the mba graduates in both China and India. If we adjust the salaries of mba graduates with purchasing power parity (PPP), we can conclude that these salaries are on par with those earned by the graduates of top b-schools of the west. Also, unlike in the U.S., state- and family-owned enterprises constitute the large majority of corporations in both China and India. In both economies, market realities too are radically different from those in the U.S. Leading indigenous mba programs are able to provide much greater exposure to these contextual realities than Harvard or Stanford ever could.

As an mba graduate, I can say that the teaching methodology, the case studies, the faculties all will equip students of doing business in these countries & familiarize them with those contextual realities. And since these countries are rapidly growing, they will provide immense opportunities in different sectors to start your professional career.

What are your opinion friends, whether there is any difference….. in doing mba from China/India or it doesn’t matter much…..or doing an mba from US is more beneficial……???

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16 thoughts on “MBA in China/India

  1. aniruddha pathak says:

    i feel a lot still needs to be done about higher education in india. what you bring out is true, but not only mba it is going to provide opportunity for a lot of professions. I still regret not being a lawyer 😀


  2. ruchir falodiya says:

    i totally agree with your stand, the economy is shifting.
    many MNC’s are thinking to expand their share and explore the markets in countries like india and china.
    job opportunities are increasing, and the scope of fields you can work with is enormous.

    marketing? administration? hr? you name and MBA can make you get expert in it.

    been graduating from a technical background ( BCA), and opting for MBA,( alliance business school, bangalore.) i could see that MBA, at least at present and in near future have better and bigger opportunities for fresh minds, innovative ideas and enthusiasm!



    • akhilsethi says:

      You are right Ruchir regarding the shift as the focus of world economy is shifting now towards China and India more and the recession has also added on to it. I wrote this post on mba as it is a course which provides you ample opportunities to start your career in any field & exposes you to many areas itself and after its up to you to decide which way you want to go.

      Thanks for sharing ur opinon and commenting on it. 🙂


  3. Shantanu Maheshwari says:

    Well written. I don’t completely agree though. The quality of MBA schools in US still far exceeds the one we have in India/China. Yes, they are getting better, but there is still lot of catching up to do. Secondly, and more importantly, Indian MBA’s who get high salaries work for US companies! That itself tells the story, doesn’t it? I don’t think the question “Is it benefecial to do MBA from India” can be generically answered. If you need to settle/work outside India, top foreign B-school anyday is the choice. If you want to settle in India though, Indian B schools are just fine.


    • akhilsethi says:

      Thank you very much for sharing ur opinion and appreciating it Shantanu. I am glad, you liked it 🙂

      Yes, i agree with you on that buddy, as top Indian b-schools still have to do a lot of catching up when we compare it with that of the Harvard & Stanford’s. IIM’s are nowhere as compared to Harvard, when it comes to the Global b-school rankings, but my point here is when you want to work in India/China itself, its better to do mba from the b-schools in these countries itself as in my opinion they’ll provide these contextual realities which a US b-school can’t provide.

      Regarding the high salaries that these b-school graduates are getting, its not completely true that they are working for US companies, there are many start-ups, there are many big Indian companies whom they are working with, but the point is all of them (including your US companies) are working in an Indian or a Chinese environment itself, so doing an mba from the indigenous b-schools will prove to be fruitful enough for them.


  4. Mahaprasad Mishra says:

    This post supports the growth of India, both in Education & in Economics too. It is right that we are becoming better at these points and from now onwards, A student of India should try the Higher education like MBA in India and not in US. But the thing is that we are not so aware of it. It still needs to believed by us and proved by our work. But A real Nice post Brother … Have a nice time.


    • akhilsethi says:

      Thank you very much for appreciating it buddy and sharing your opinion 🙂

      Yes, indeed we are not so aware that how beneficial it is to do an mba from India itself, when we compare it with an mba from a top US b-school. Things will get lot more clearer with the growth in the Indian/Chinese economies as more and more opportunities would be there for students. If they see it that its more worthwhile to do an mba from India itself, then i think at that stage the mindset of the people will change and their outlook towards Indian/Chinese mba will become more positive.


  5. Ashish Bhagwat says:


    I’m not convinced with the way the argument was built if the question in the end was going to be on as to where you do the MBA from. Doing an MBA from a country is not the same as getting the experience from there. It’s more of an education quality question. It’s another matter that unless the quality of education is so great that other nationalities are also coming over for the same, the people who get an MBA in India would be Indians more than others and by virtue of being Indian they would have better exposure to India culture and probably better rate of success in local environment. But not the same thing, is it?

    Little too upfront but on the argument. I liked your face, really 🙂


    • akhilsethi says:

      Ashish. i agree on that doing an mba from a country is not the same as getting experience from there, but the premise that i had taken for the post was to do mba and your job in the same country itself, that is why i quoted regarding the economy growth as well the improvement in quality of education.

      Yes, i do agree it depends more on quality of education.


  6. Himanshu Bhagat says:

    nicely written! I believe that any degree, not only MBA is as good as one makes out of it. It is the individual who matters and derives the benefits according to his capabilities and resources rather than anything else.


  7. Abhishek Kundu says:

    hey..decent post.. maybe we should first understand wht an MBA means does it benefit the student..accordinf to me an MBA just gives us the tools needed..mayb needed is too strong a helpful in conducting business.. gives ppl frm different background …background information about business..n helps them get confortable with business jargons(by jargon i mean sometin more than jus words) …wht is inmportant is the work that you do ….after that MBA..your entire post talkd abt how the business world is growing in eminence in India and the main thing is where do you work ..not where u do ur MBA.. at this point..where u do your MBA means which college..not which country..if u do it in the alaska college in the US..well..mayb its better to do it at IBS hyd.. but if u get through in any of the ivy league college..well then it is better that u do it there..n then come n work in India or China.. An MBA college is mainly bull.. it does help a helped me immensely but the main thing is where and wht work u do… mayb if you wrk as an insuransce salesman in India ..its better to wrk for 3M in the US..notwithstanding my previous coments..MBA’s are way over-rated.. lot of ppl think passouts frm IIM’s are better than us.. well the next 5 years of wrk will tell u..n not where u passout frm..IIM..IBS..India.China..or US..


  8. Nikita Sethia says:

    akhilsethi :Yes Aniruddha, i do agree that still a lot is needed to be done to improve the state of higher education in India, but i think Kapil Sibal is taking some bold initiatives to do that. Recently he came up with that foreign universities bill, which i think if implemented properly will prove to be fruitful.
    Thank u very much for sharing ur opinion buddy

    “If implemented properly” is a big question in front of India.. If all the plans & initiatives had implemented properly then we (indians) would have been much ahead of where we are now.

    I still feel doing MBA from US or other international universities is anytime better than doing MBA from India (except IIMs). I dont agree with that salaries offered to Indian MBAs are equal to what US graduates are getting. Because there is hell out of differences in terms of quality, knowledge and technology. Just 4-5 good B-schools are not enough to feed crores of MBAs passing every year in India. Seaters are more than the seats; and hence the quality has been diluted.
    The situation is improving but with this pace I dont think we can even come closer to quality education provided by US.

    Hope that implementation would be implemented properly.


    • akhilsethi says:

      Thank you very much for sharing your opinion Nikita 🙂

      I totally agree with you nikita, that still a lot is needed to be done regarding the quality of education and the infrastructure. But my point in writing the whole blog post was to show that since because of our developing economy as well as “developing” state of higher education, there are many opportunities for the young aspiring mba students.

      Yes on part of more students & less seats, hope the new foreign universities bill provide students another avenue for getting quality education.


  9. Max says:

    I definitely think things are changing. This opening up of foreign universities in India will make out local universities buck-up and improve the standard and facilities.

    I’ve seen a real change in our youth and their ambitions and the quality of guys and girls.

    The good pays will keep the brains in India, and that’s vital.

    As for predictions in of the next 15 to 40 years, I do not put much weightage there as projections of 5 years itself turnout to be off.


    • akhilsethi says:

      Yes Max, things are surely changing and changing for good as it seems. I admire Kapil Sibal’s initiatives & i know still a lot is needed to be done and a far way to go, but we have to start from somewhere and these steps are indeed in a positive direction.

      Thanks for sharing your opinion Max 🙂


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