State of Pakistan Cricket

My second post is dedicated to my passion i.e. Cricket. In this post I’ll be talking about one of the best cricket teams in the world (or at least that used to be), i.e. Pakistan, regarding its current state of affairs and what can be done to improve it.

Having won the ICC T20 World cup in 2009, the current state of Pakistan Cricket board and its team is really bad. Pakistan in recent times has been marred by various controversies and terror attacks which had adversely affected the state of Cricket in Pakistan. Citing few is the change of its captains in the last year itself from Shoib Malik to Younis Khan, then to Mohammad Yousuf which again has raised some doubts after the recent Australian tour where Pakistan lost all the matches including 3 tests, 5 One-day matches and one T20, leading to 0-9 whitewash. Then resigning of its chief selector, dropping its Coach (Intikhab Alam) after the Australian series had done nothing good to improve the state of affairs. The poor state of domestic cricket infrastructure, bureaucracy is also contributing to its current state. As a result of all this, Pakistan has now being ranked 7th in test and ODI rankings both.

In my opinion, Pakistan Cricket Board should first list down the problems that it is facing and then try to find out the solutions of it. Problems regarding generating revenue (as PCB is on the verge of bankruptcy because of all the cancelled tours) or improving the infrastructure should be given prime importance. The attack on the SriLankan team last year has removed any last hopes for a home-series in near future. Even ICC stripped Pakistan of 2011 world-cup matches because of safety & security concerns. Few steps that can be taken are off shoring all the matches (may be to Dubai, or even US) which will boost the cricket sentiment & invigorate the sport itself. The Board do need to take some long term plans to revitalize Cricket in the country as there will be no international Cricket in near future, therefore the board need to focus on improving the present infrastructure of the domestic Cricket. Also Getting Pakistan players to play in domestic tournaments in their country would be another good way to keep their cricket system alive. This will also motivate youngsters to take this game as a career.

As i sign off.. i would like to leave some issues in the open for your contemplation as it will encourage discussion …. and will be a feature of all my future posts:

Whether ICC should help the board (financially or by some other means) to solve some of the above problems or not…..??

What steps should PCB take to improve the present state of condition..??

Whether Other Countries should step-in to resolve some matters or not…??


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