Copenhagen Summit – What do these developed countries want?

I know, i know much has been written about the Copenhagen Summit which held 2 months back in Denmark, but today i was touched by reading a piece of article in TheHindu (newspaper I like d most).

The article raised some serious questions about the climate change and the steps that the countries around the world are ready to take now on. During 1990s, the talks were centered around as in how to prevent Climate change, but now the talks are on how to adapt to it and manage it…?? A sense of Déjà vu has cropped in among the world leaders.

Firstly, some Gyaan about the green-house gases & there effect ~ GreenHouse gaese (GhGs) mainly include water vapor, Carbondioxide, methane, Nitrousdioxide etc which traps the heat coming from the sun by not reflecting back the sun-rays. So, because of this, the temperature rises and & thus can cause many problems.

Now, on this view of climate change, the world again is divided into two-parts, the Developed one and the Developing one. Most of the Developed nations like US, UK, France has disagreed to cut down the GhGs emissions as it’ll have a negative impact on their industrial growth. The most obvious reason of this can be that they want to recover from the recent slowdown/recession, they want to revive their economy n all. Apart from this, the BASIC (developing) countries (Brazil, South Africa, India & China) have voluntarily agreed on reducing the emissions by certain %age themselves.

Above all, instead of citing some measures (to be taken by developed nations for themselves), they are now ready to give around $130 billion to the developing nations to reduce their GhGs emissions by 20-25% by 2025 which is in my opinion totally irresponsible on their part.

Some questions which are to be answered:

1) Why they giving us the money & not setting some guidelines/measures for themselves?

2) Is India or other developing countries should agree to their stance or suggestions that they r giving?

This is my first post as a blogger. I started with it, because I thought this issue is worth talking about& some serious attention should be given! Hope u all like it 🙂

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